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Everybody loves to be made special, so getting a gift with your name engraved or your initials monogramed on that bag you’ve been coverting for months is a winning gift!

It goes back to being kids when we had our clothes or pencils labeled for school. Here are some great hand picked gift ideas that will guarantee you a gold star with the recipent!

Give something really unique, it’s not just another perfume. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 has one special ingredient to make the fragrance adapt to the wearer, making it special and different for every person. ( a great buy ambien with paypal gift at £66).

For a true personal gift idea that won’t break the bank, personalize a denim jacket at Levis Tailor Shop (love this one just for the sheer thought process!)

On my fav subject, Give the Gift of Denim this Christmas with a 1-2-1 Denim Consultation with a Liberty denim specialist. Combine with a purple pouch of gift coins for that special denim purchase.

I’m loving the Louis Vuitton mon monogramed (image above) and the hot stamping personalization option as my thought if you spending that much you might as well get your name on it!





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