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What is C.r.a.f.t ?

c.r.a.f.t is a jeans experiance to rock your soul. It is the bubbles in
the glass, the headrush and the headache in the xxxx morning.

Think about the name …

think about the name, the initials stand not only for handcrafted
details, the initials stand for cant remember a fxxxing thing, as an
ode to the drunken conception of the project.

How it started ?

Once upon a time whilst searching for solace and inspiration
amidst the natural wonder of the austrian mountains two experienced
designers from opposing leading fashion brands happened
across each other and Schnapps ultimately ensued.
Whilst under a alcoholic/mountain air haze the group came
across a third party – a lovely woman with the certain edge and
noticeably beautiful body. She strummed Rolling Stones songs
on an old guitar for her comapanions and even more Schnapps
was consumed.
The next morning the girl had disappeared and the designers
could barely remember a thing but the group were more than
exited about the gorgeous character they had come across and
hence were inspired to create a jeans-line for individual, hot looking
girls and women with the right soul for rock, just like her !
So the outcome of this “chance meeting” of distinclty European
design folk was that the mission was completed and inspiration
was found.
To this day they may not remember a lot of that wonderful
evening but to top it all off they even found their brand name
“C.r.a.f.t – can’t remember a fxxxingthing”.

What’s the philosophy ?

Be yourself, be confident, smile with your heart, seduce with
c.r.a.f.t is the epidome of music, erocticism and avant-garde.
It is dedicated to all inspiring women with the cool attitude like
Kate Moss.
c.r.a.f.t is not just another premiumbrand, it is proud on the
background and history, it is a brand that has to tell something
with a passion for quality fabrics, perfect fits and attention to detail
and a sense of humour.
c.r.a.f.t enhances individualty, rather than masque it.
The jeans reflect a skilled and distinctly European design and
marketing attitude. With their very cool images and campaigns
c.r.a.f.t got a loyal and international fan base.
Just think about c.r.a.f.t’s Style names like Nervous Breakdown,
Rock n Roll Suicide, Hells Angel,…!

Why buy c.r.a.f.t ?

c.r.a.f.t offers a new perspective in fit that corresponds with the
truly uncompromising attitude of the women that wear it…The
c.r.a.f.t fit is for the woman who already knows she looks beautiful,
the fit helps her look fantastic.
c.r.a.f.t blends a pedigree of denim craftsmanship with a whole
lot of rock and roll soul.
The range offers modern, ultrasexy jeans styles, stove pipe &
straight leg jeans, and super miniskirts in a selection of stretch
and rigid denims. The wash spectrum covers dark rinsed to
“morning after” vintage washed indigo denim, as well as breathtaking
fancy fabrics like leather, varnish coated, and others.
The c.r.a.f.t vision is to make women look fantastic…and thats it!

Designer’s Bio…

c.r.a.f.t was established in 2006 by Michael Kopplstätter with
the help of Gideon Day.
In the late 80’s Michael started to work in New York for Brioni
and Valentino on the Marketing side after his studies. Learning
all about quality and satorial philosophy.
In the early 90’s back in europe he worked on the marketing and
design side for brands like Charles Chevignon, at that time the
ulitmate sportswear brand.
In the Mid 90’s he was one of the first pioneers of clubwear with
the brand Apollo, which was originally the first T-Shirt brand of
Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren.
After that he moved to various projects with brands like Karl
Lagerfeld and Helmut Lang.
Gideon brought into the project c.r.a.f.t enormours know how
for the jeans side working for brands like Lee and as Headdesigner
on Paul Smith Jeans.
Today they become well known as an innovative style leader,
making jeans with the right soul for rock and a truely distintly
european attitude.

The SS11 Collection

C.R.A.F.T has covered each and every denim trend in their own inimitable way for SS11. Zip details, biker knee’s, crops, fabric inserts, leather, animal print, kick flares and denim utility can all be found within the collection accented with the trademark CRAFT rock chic.

Kate Moss epitomises the c.r.a.f.t philosophy of ‘Be yourself, be confident’. Kate just can’t get enough of the brand.

Apparently Micheal c.r.a.f.t’s designer loves Kate and always has her in mind when designing the collection.

Kate in Craft’s famous bikerjean Hells Angel. ( above)

C.R.A.F.T spring summer collection arrive instore mid February.


C.R.A.F.T stockist line: (0) 20 7580 1612


Cricket Liverpool 0151 227 4645

Katie and Jo 0207 736 5304

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