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what shape jeans should i wear?

Confused about “what shape jeans should I wear?” Not sure which cut or shape to wear for your body type?

Read this helpful guide breaking down the seven most common types of jeans on the market today and find out which shape is right for you!

I hear you ask what shape jeans should I wear? Jeans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from straight-leg to bootcut. But with so many options available, it can be hard to decide which jeans are right for you. To make finding your perfect pair easier, this guide outlines seven of the most popular types of jeans on the market today—from skinny jeans to flares —and offers a hand-picked selection for you to shop the post.

#1 Relaxed Baggy Denim Style.

what shape jeans should I wear? Baggy

Relaxed baggy denim jeans ( Dad Jeans) are a great everyday style for a loose yet flattering fit. They sit slightly lower than the waist and extend straight down from the widest part of your hips, giving your legs an elongated look. Relaxed jeans don’t have exaggerated details like flares or distressed accents, but their effortlessly cool vibe makes them ideal for all body types who are looking for a comfortable, classic fit. These anti-fit jeans will have minimal stretch, mostly 100% cotton.

Wear them long kissing the floor or loosely cuff the hem, a true Gen Z favorite!

Good for all body shapes.

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#2. Bootleg Jeans.


Bootleg or bootcut jeans sit at the waist and fit close to the body, then gradually flare out from the calf level down. They’re comfortable whilst still offering a tailored look and are great for everyday wear. This shape of jean is perfect if you’re after a leg-lengthening look that defines your waist. Bootleg jeans can be dressed up or down, and work just as well with casual trainers as they do with heeled ankle boots.

Think about your footwear when shopping for these as you may want to have two pairs, one for sneakers & one for heels.

Good for all body shapes, especially curvy body types.

#3 90’s Straight Leg Jeans


Straight-leg jeans are the classic jean shape and are universally flattering as they skim the body’s natural curves. The 90’s straight-leg style sits high on the waist, great if you like a no-fuss look but also want to define your waist. They can be dressed up or down, and have an ageless appeal that makes them super versatile.

This style of jean goes particularly well with flat shoe styles like loafers, brogues, and boots.

Best for straight, tall, and curvy body shapes. Apple’s go for a slim straight cropped to the ankle.

#4 Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are tight from top to bottom and fit close to the leg all the way down. They’re usually manufactured using stretch fabrics, which helps to create a flattering fit. Avoid skinny jeans if you’re after an easy-going, relaxed style—they look best when worn with tapered tops and slim-cut shirts for a sharp silhouette. Don’t wave goodbye to the skinny so soon as we all know we will see them again in the future!

All body shapes can wear a skinny, just make sure the front rise sits either on or under your belly button. Don’t like them so tight then look for a slim straight which is slightly wider on the leg.

Good for all body shapes and sizes – Petite to plus size.

#5 Flared Jeans

what shape jeans should I wear? Flared


Flared jeans are a fun and playful option that add a touch of 70’s style to any outfit. They usually sit high on the waist, narrowing slightly at the thigh before flaring outwards from under the knee. The flared shape creates volume and adds balance to an outfit, making them great for curvy, pear-shaped bodies. They work best worn with heels as this allows the flare to drape gracefully around your legs and show off your shoes.

My rule of thumb here is, the wider your curves the bigger the flare can be! It’s all about proportions!

Good for curvy, plus, petite, tall, and Apple body shapes.

#6 Crop Flare Jeans

what shape jeans should I wear? crop flare


The crop flare jean is in my mind a hidden gem! It’s a brilliant style for nearly all body shapes ( maybe not if you’re uber-tall). Can be worn throughout the year, just change up your footwear and you are good to go.

The crop will sit either above your ankle bone or just below depending on your height. As with all crop jeans, it elongates the leg and makes you look taller. It’s a myth crop jeans make you look shorter.

Good for Apple, petite, curvy, and plus-size body shapes.

#7 Pull On Jeans

what shape jeans should I wear? pull on jeans
Good American Pull On Jean


Pull-on jeans are all about comfort in the disguise of a pair of jeans. They can have faux front pockets and a fly or be flat-fronted giving a clean no no-fuss style. This style is great for women who find a jeans waist too tight and need that extra stretch. Perfect for Apple body types and curvy ladies. You can now find these jeans in all styles from skinny to flares.

Good for Apple, plus size, and curvy body types.

#8 Horseshoe / Barrel Jeans

Pinterest: thestreetvibe


When Citizens Of Humanity created The Horseshoe Jeans it became the laughingstock of denim styles. Such an exaggerated silhouette, how would this become a wearable option? But after a few months, you could see denim brands designing a streamlined version for people who liked the look if it was a bit slimmed down.

I have tried this style on myself to see what the fuss was about and found the exaggeration of the style makes your top half look slim. I definitely would wear this style in the Summer.

Good for all body shapes if you dare!

If you are unsure which height rise you should be wearing low-mid or high-rise, learn how to tell which is best for you.

Sam Remer founder ilovejeans.com
Sam Remer – Founder ilovejeans.com

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    • Hey Jenni, Comming from a chic Image Consultant that’s a true compliment. You always wear great shoes and boots in your Instagram outfit posts. I always think of jeans as a base to be added on to, and the footwear is the thing that’s interchangeable each season. Fun chatting- Sam x

    • Hey Bex, Thanks for the blog post love. Can’t stop loving the boot cut! Now I know where all the good ones are for long-leg ladies! Best Sam ✌️

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