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Thre styles of Jean jacket .

Have you noticed the massive selection of denim jackets in the shops and online.  It’s a bit confusing as to which one to buy let a lone which will suit your body shape. This post is a request from a reader as she needed advice on which style would be best for her hourglass figure.  So I’m going to decipher which jean jacket will work for your body shape.

The Waisted:

Now this is a good one to enhance a smaller waist so it’s good for hourglass and pear shapes. However it’s also a great for an apple shape to hide a bigger tummy area and give the illusion of that nipped in waist. But if you have a short waist and boobs be careful not to drown in this jean jacket as it could add pounds! Petites need to look for small pockets or no pockets and keep the jacket short.

see my comments on each style below.

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The Shortie:

This style isn’t just for the petite body shape it comes in all sizes so plus size can wear this too, it’s just finding the right one for your shape that can be tricky. More often than not you would wear this style open.

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The Long Line:

Elongated and oversized jean jackets are a big trend this season so much so your body shape gets hidden if you like this style. It tends to work more for taller women despite your shape. Remember you can always grab a belt if you feel the need to be cinched in.

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The Sherpa:

Just in time for the cold snap comes the fleece lined sherpa denim jacket. Oversize has it’s plus side, you can wear layers under this one! I’ve fallen in love with the Alexander Wang shearling jacket with collar.

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Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions type me a comment below.




  1. Thanks for this article. So just for my understanding for pear shape women go oversized or military and cropped

    • Hi Ivana, if you want to show your curves then go with a denim jacket that follows your shape. A longer line jacket with a belt will really flatter your curves. If you want to hide your shape then an oversize denim jacket is good, plus you can layer jumpers underneath if need too. Hope that helps x Sam

      • Hi, it’s Ivana writing again. Thank you for writing me back all those years ago found out I am hourglass shape. This might be a silly question but m do you have an image of the Alexander Wang jacket in the last part of the article. I know it’s been years but I am hoping they still make it. Now that I know I am a petite hourglass all your guidance from years ago up until now has just changed my world and adding Kibbe, season and color matching you were an inspiration then I just wish I knew then. Finally coming into my style now and I just want to say thanks.

        • Hi Ivana, Thanks for you latest comment. So pleased to help you. I’ve looked and can’t find an image of the jacket you mentioned. However I will update this page so keep an eye-out for new denim jackets! ✌

  2. Nice guidance! There is the best guidance about to pick a jacket that can fit in your life style. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

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