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Listen to this, I have been dressed for the past 3 days by an App, Yes that’s right an App called OUTFITS by CLADWELL.

It’s a classic statement and we all say it when looking into our closets ” I have nothing to wear”. So when I was asked by CLADWELL to let the App OUTFITS dress me for 3 to 5 days I decided to take the challenge to see if it will save me time deciding what to wear in the morning and of course for you, my loyal reader!  As a busy Mommy blogger, stylist and wife I tend to grab the nearest clothing for the school run and get re-dressed when I get back home. So actually I’m getting dressed twice in a morning and wasting my valuable time.

The sceptical part of me said “I haven’t got time for faffing around taking hundreds of photo’s and uploading onto an app.”  But with OUTFITS by CLADWELL there’s none of that, all you do is choose the items of clothing that resemble what you have in your wardrobe, it may not be the exact one, different pattern or colour but the same style. So no picture-taking involved and you can do this part waiting for a train, at the school gates or in the bath! ( I chose the latter).

Once you have done this each morning (or evening if you prefer to know what you’re wearing the night before) the app will text you urging you to check out your 3 outfit options for the day. Sounds amazing right!

The beauty of this App is that the clothing you are choosing is directly coming from your own wardrobe, keeping a check on what you’re wearing and in turn showing you what you’re not  ( these pieces you should get shot off).

Click on let’s say a “denim shirt” and it will give you all the outfit combinations from your own wardrobe, just brilliant….

alt= outfits by cladwell


One of the services I offer as a Personal Shopper is a Wardrobe Detox, where I clear the dead zones in your wardrobe. OUTFITS by CLADWELL is the perfect accessory to download after the session as it will keep your wardrobe working for you, think of it as a virtual personal stylist in your pocket for $4.99 a month, approx 20 cents (16 pence) a day!

My advice is to try it for a month and see how you like it. I’m two days in and looking forward to seeing what OUTFITS by CLADWELL are going to suggest for tomorrow!

Click here to view me wearing the outfits chosen. Or if you can’t wait then be part of this exciting launch and look at what’s in your wardrobe with fresh eyes and get the App OUTFITS by CLADWELL  here! (always check the T&C’s)

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