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Denim Icon James Dean 

From its humble roots and heritage of utilitarian work wear, denim has come a long way to find it’s way into our wardrobe.

Fact 1. Created in Italy near Turin, denim was originally sold through the Italian port of Genoa to be made into sailor pants for the Genoese Navy, hence the word ‘jeans’ comes from the French phrase ‘bleu de Gênes’, literally the blue of Genoa.


Spotting a true selvedge pair of denim 

Fact 2. The most expensive and exclusive denim is Selvedge (sometime spelt selvage). It is made on old-style shuttle looms rather than modern, projectile looms. With less fabric produced due to one thread, instead of multiple, the consumption of cotton is higher and the time required is greater. To spot a true selvedge pair, in the turn up you will see the actual edge of the fabric and it usually features a coloured thread, invariably red.

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On to today’s modern styles and it seems every brand sees denim as integral to their collections. With Gucci, Balmain and Margiela all firm fixtures on the designer denim roster, the use of denim in high fashion and catwalk is undeniable. Onto the stalwarts of denim and it is Nudie, PRPS and Acne who create an effortless aesthetic for the every wardrobe. This season, each designer seems to focus on a relaxed, sometimes distressed finish to offer a well-loved finish from day one. Slim leg is also making way for the straight leg creating more casual overall style for the season. Whatever your preference, we’ve got the best selection of designer styles to suit any budget.

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