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Are you looking for perfect fitting jeans? Now you can get expertly fitted jeans thanks to a unique denim styling service. With this service, you can find the right size, fit, and style of jeans to suit your body shape and budget without ever leaving home.

The Jeans fitting Service That Get’s Results

The covid19 Pandemic has changed the way we do so many things in our daily lives such as shopping for clothes, especially jeans! We have brought back the popular Denim Styling Jeans Fitting Service now available in a private Zoom session. It’s a unique way to successfully find great-fitting jeans that fit you perfectly! We have the proof to back it up!

How Does The Jeans Fitting Service Work?

How does this jeans fitting service work? Well, In fact, it’s easier to buy jeans online, especially in this guided way, rather than shopping in-store. You have a dedicated denim stylist knowing exactly where to look for good quality jeans just for you! Say goodbye to stressed-out shopping trips looking for mediocre-fitting jeans.

The beauty of using Zoom is that this jeans fitting service is completely private between you and the stylist. We can offer the consultation worldwide, we just have to find a good time zone to meet! Consultations are 45 to 60 minutes long (if you need more time).
The aim of the Denim Stylist Jeans Fitting Service is to improve on the jeans you are currently wearing and try some different styles for your body type. Your personal stylist may suggest trying a higher rise, and following denim trends but will always ask what your personal preferences are first. You will be shown exactly what to look for when shopping for jeans for your body shape and style.

We ask you to wear your jeans to the Zoom session. You won’t need to take off your clothes you’ll be relieved to know!

Here’s a quick timeline of your denim journey

The virtual session is 45-60 mins.
In 2-3 days you’ll receive an email with a ‘video edit’ of your jeans selection.
Buy jeans online – the ones you’d like to try.
Jeans arrive. (approx 2-5 days).
Book a Zoom Fitting.
Zoom Fitting – this is where I see how the jeans fit and if you’re happy. There may be a bit of tweaking needed and new jeans for me to look for.
Voila! You now have 1-5 pairs of the best-fitting jeans for your body shape

Don’t take just our. word for it, see what others are saying…

Please have a measuring tape handy for the session or download one here

Not sure how to book? I made this video for you – watch this!

Please book your Zoom session above. Click on the date and choose a time. Payment by Paypal / Stripe will be taken on booking. The Zoom invitation will be emailed to you automatically.
The price of the jeans fitting service is as follows:
UK- £75 / US $99 up to 60 minutes session for 5 jean recommendations + Zoom Fitting session. (when you have received your jeans).


With all the information taken during the session, your stylist will research lots of suitable brands & styles of jeans for you.
In 2-3 days after your session, the stylist will email 5 perfect jean options with shoppable links that will be edited into a video (see below) for you to watch and choose the styles you’d like to try. All the jeans chosen are hand-picked to work with your body shape, measurements, and budget. The stylist will make sure the jeans selection chosen are affordable jeans for various budgets.

Your personal stylist will tell you which 2 sizes to purchase for comparison. Don’t worry you’ll be returning the extra pair and keeping the right pair of jeans!

Please watch the video below:

When your jeans arrive:

When your jeans arrive, ( included in the booking fee). We check the sizing and style on you. Do keep hold of the jeans until we have the Zoom fitting so the stylist can see how well the jeans fit, as this is how we get the best-fitting jeans for you. book a ‘Zoom Fitting’

Read the FAQs below for more information:

FAQS – About The Denim Styling Jeans Fitting Service

Is the service open to all countries worldwide?

The service is open to all, we just need to find a good time to Zoom with you.

I’m worried that the Stylist will suggest jeans that won’t suit me.

The Stylist will ask you in the session if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone. She is extremely experienced in searching for the right jeans for your body shape & personality.

If I don’t like the style of jeans the stylist suggests what should I do?

Tell the Stylist why you don’t like the selection of jeans suggested and she will look again at other jeans for you. All feedback is helpful to get the best-fitting jeans for you.

Do you only suggest retailers or denim brands you get a commission from?

Ilovejeans.com does work with the influencer platform LTK which allows retailers to pay a commission if readers/ clients purchase from #AD links. The Stylist will disclose #AD links in the emails sent to you. However, this does not influence the Stylist’s decision on which jeans to choose for you. Often they will look for jeans that are not included on the Platform if they feel are right for you.

Will the Stylist be able to find me jeans as I’m a difficult body shape/size?

Our Stylists are very experienced and after your session, they would have built a profile of where to buy jeans online for you for future purchases.

Do you have reviews I can read before I decide to book?

Yes if you scroll down the page you will see reviews or you can find more reviews on our Trustpilot page

Got a burning question about the virtual jeans fitting service? Send me an email: sam@ilovejeans.com


Since starting the virtual Denim Styling – Jeans Fitting Service in lockdown, we have successfully fitted jeans for over 70 + women. All enjoying their perfect-fitting jeans ( in some cases 8 pairs!) We know the sessions work. These women all now have the secret sauce of knowing exactly how to buy great-fitting jeans online perfectly!

Husbands and partners were feeling left out so we decided to include the guys and get them some cool jeans too.

Sam Say’s

I have over 30 years of experience as a fashion stylist dressing professional models and real people like you and me. The reason this service works so well is that I hyper-focus on denim, so you don’t have to! I know exactly where the best jeans can be found for your body shape.

Sam Remer – Denim Expert / Founder ilovejeans.com


If for any reason you are unable to make your consultation, you must inform the stylist you have your booking with of the cancellation by emailing: sam@ilovejeans.com at least 48 hours before the scheduled time for a refund.


There may be situations when rescheduling a confirmed booking by a client is necessary. Again we ask for 48 hours notice by email to your stylist to reschedule your appointment. If a client does not turn up to a booked appointment the fee is non-refundable.


We all need a little feedback, Please leave your review on Trustpilot ( below). Tell us what you think, so we can improve the service.

Read Our Rave Reviews:-

We are now on Trustpilot:

I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot about jeans and the fit. After years of having difficulty getting a good fit all three pairs, Sam suggested were a great fit and comfortable. They are all keepers.


Had a Zoom meeting online with Sam which was very informative. After asking me lots of questions she found me the perfect pair of jeans which I love! She caters for all budgets and finds several pairs to choose from.
I would definitely recommend it!


Had a zoom session with Sam and it was fabulous. After many years of looking for jeans that fit and were comfy I had never quite achieved it.
Informative session and then a list of possibles I have now found a pair that fit perfectly, look good and are comfortable From Free People. Thanks, Sam


Great zoom service, Sam recommended a number of different jeans and guided me through my selection, the pair I bought are perfect. Thank you, Sam


All my life I have struggled to find jeans to fit my body shape and in the right colours (and stitching). I booked a Zoom session with Sam and she was brilliant at understanding what I was looking for in jeans. Sam’s knowledge of jeans, their fit and fabric, is amazing and she was fantastic at finding me the “perfect fit” in the right colour. No mean feat – and I know it was a difficult search for her.
The fitting session on Zoom after the jeans arrived, was extremely helpful and was like having your best friend in the changing rooms with you giving their honest and helpful opinions and solutions. The jeans Sam found me were sourced online from the USA, an area I never would have ventured previously. Sam’s knowledge of ordering from the USA was extensive and reassured me regarding delivery and returns.


I had a Zoom session with Sam, partly out of curiosity and partly to help me find a pair of jeans to replace a well-loved but worn-out pair. She asked lots of questions to help identity what I was looking for, as well as talking more generally about the fit and styling of jeans. The 5 recommendations were great. I ordered 3 pairs, all of which fitted me perfectly -something which would not happen usually! The pair I’ve kept is a style I’d never have chosen myself, but I love them. Thanks, Sam. I’d definitely recommend booking a session.


Excellent service for all budgets. Sam does all the hard work and saves you trawling through websites. Delighted she found me a pair of jeans that actually fitted.


I really enjoyed my session with Sam. She was warm and friendly and I instantly felt at ease. After asking lots of questions she made me feel comfortable asking for what I really wanted rather than what I thought I should wear. The result of which is I now have a jeans wardrobe that really reflects my personality. And they fit too!
Thanks, Sam. I’d definitely recommend this service.


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