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ian berry denim on denim

Denim on Denim is Ian Berry’s first book, showcasing his twelve-year journey as an artist who works solely with denim. Ian kindly gave me a copy of the book Denim on Denim when we recently spent the day together.

I finally got to visit his East London Studio and see his workroom with jeans all over the floor, sit in that famous denim teepee and look out over a sea of denim, all different shades and textures Ian uses as his paintbrush.

sam at ian berry

I’ve known Ian since 2014, we met in Amsterdam at The Newsstand installation and since that day I have followed Ian through his different exhibitions and works of art.  This book Denim on Denim really captures a journey I have been lucky enough to be part of and follow since our first meeting. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Ian Berry and happy to tag along, when possible…

ian berry book


Read Brenda Emmanus – BBC Art and Culture Correspondent forward to the book and you’ll get a true taste of just how passionate Ian Berry is about the world around him and working that into his work. Material masterpieces or material mosaics are perfect words to describe Ian’s work

ian berry book

The reader can’t fail to be inspired and just a little bowled over when turning the blue printed pages of this book. Now if you haven’t been fortunate enough to see Ian Berry’s work up close this book is a prequel to his work and your new found love of his art. The book bridges the gap, as while being up close and personal in real life is hard to replicate, the book has beautiful images of his work as well as detail shots that show the depth and texture that he has in his work.

ian berry book

ian berry book

ian berry book

The book gives a better insight into the artist and his accomplishments that have been written about all over the world and graced many a magazine cover. It goes over many of the stories behind the work, as its much more than just created with denim.

Most of Ian Berry’s work is about community and his last body of work, Behind Closed Doors, touched many people including myself (read my review).

Denim on Denim is available in both hardback £45 and Paperback £29. Over 110 full-colour images, many photos show detailed shots that have to be seen to be believed.

Ian Berry has shown all over the world, in Solo exhibitions, Art Fairs, Museums and public commissions. In 2013 he had been named a top 30 artist under 30 in the world and also named a ‘Jeanius’ by the press.

You heard it here first… Ian Berry’s next piece will be a commission that will be on permanent display in San Francisco.


Soon to be on Amazon and selected stores.


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