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Co-founders Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede are true inclusive sizing pioneers when it comes to giving their Good American customers what they are missing. Who would have thought that a size 15 was an actual size!  This maybe lightbulb moment for you… Are you struggling to fit comfortably in a US 14 missy size but are finding a US16 plus size is too big, are you somewhere in between?

Emma Grede (curvy-petite) co-founder of Good American explains that she believes millions of women have been missing out on one whole clothing size. This has been caused by the size grades changing from a straight missy size to a plus size causing a gap in the sizing.

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good american size 15

The size 15 is now available in the Good AmericanGood Curve which is a new ultra high rise balancing style, just launched. They have also included the size 15 into the Good Legs and Good Waist styles.

All jeans are available in a full & inclusive size range from 00 to plus size 24 and now including size 15!


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My UK readers will be pleased to hear Good American ships worldwide and are stocked in Selfridges


That’s right—we invented a size! It all started when we realized we were receiving a high number of returns on sizes 14 and 16, so we investigated. Our measurement flat revealed a greater jump between size 14 and 16 than any other size—it’s at this mark that the “straight” pattern changes to a “plus” pattern. We decided we needed to bridge that gap. And so, after a year of perfecting, we bring to you size 15, our solution to a problem that shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Give it a go, and let us know what you think!

Do let me know if you are a size 15 and you have found this new size revolutionary in your quest for perfect fitting jeans. Leave your comment below…

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