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I wanted to share this post from my BBF (best blogger friend) Gabriella Lundgren as we all aspire to having an amazing walk-in closet or more space to house our clothes and accessories.  Now I’m not hereditary tidy like Gabriella so any help I can get is well appreciated. I’m excited as this sounds like the perfect option for me to fake that tidy gene!

Welcome to my dream walk-in-closet

by Gabriella Lundgren

When it comes to clothes and style a good wardrobe is just as important as the actual clothes in order to maintain a good style. Why one might wonder? Well, it’s actually quite simple when you think of it. If you can’t see what you own you don’t know that you have it in your closet. If you have a good overview it’s easier to get inspired and know what to wear that day.  I don’t always practice as I preach I have to admit, but my excuse is that London apartments don’t always have space for a walk-in closet, to be honest. But a girl can dream no? Follow me to my dream closet…


As much as I want an organized wardrobe it needs to be alive as well. Let me explain; If it’s too monochrome or stiff it doesn’t inspire me, I need to see some colors and preferably all blend together as on the picture above. This will then give me ideas of how to mix two colors together that I wouldn’t have thought of unless they hanged side by side. I need a little bit of organized chaos to spark my ideas.


Another essential thing for my dream wardrobe is a table in the middle. Like this on the picture above,  I can then keep fresh flowers, jewellery boxes, perfume, scented candles and of course my coffee cup in the morning on the table. There needs to be a table, It’s as simple as that!


Last but not least, I want oriental carpets in my walk -in and either a sofa or an armchair. Let’s face is, the wardrobe should be my happy place and it should be cosy and relaxed so somewhere to sit to gather my thoughts is a must and a carpet, of course, to make it relaxed. Again I would go for a colourful carpet to add that extra something in the room and make it more inspiring.

But even if you tick off all the boxes above in what to have, you have to complete one final task to get that dream wardrobe. CLEAN! That’s one thing that I’m quite good at and I have no problem getting rid of clothes and shoes I don’t wear or love anymore. Let’s be honest, you can’t achieve your dream wardrobe if it’s not organized and filled with pieces you love. You want to be able to walk in there and feel that you adore every piece and would wear it in a second (If the occasion is right of course). I try to not to put emotional value in the clothes because that’s a trap. You need to get rid of some pieces in order to move on and change and experiment with your style.

But do not worry, I have a gift for you if you are one of those who find it hard to let go of clothes and shoes. MakeSpace.com have put together this chart in order to help you make the right decision, you will end up either keeping, storing, donate/sell or trash/recycle your item. Simply brilliant!

MakeSpace is a self-storage service that comes to your place and picks up your stuff, takes it to their storage facility, and brings it back to you whenever you want! Through the use of their app, they can bring you whatever items you want out of storage, whenever! They have several self-storage locations throughout the United States with plans to expand. What are you waiting for? Take the first step to your dream wardrobe.What are you waiting for? Take the first step to your dream wardrobe.

Decluttering Decision Making Flow Chart: 

click & print

alt= makespace clutter


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