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kinsu rainbow

Who doesn’t need a cheery ‘Kinsu Rainbow’ on their denim jacket? Denim up-cycler Kinsu shows us just how to kill a bit of time and gives an uplifting message to others (when we get to leave the house that is!).

A rainbow seems to be a symbol of hope, better days to come and possibly the light at the end of the tunnel across the pandemic world.

This is what you’ll need!

  • Scraps of jeans. 
  • A denim jacket
  • Scissors
  • A rainbow design as a pattern
  • Embroidery thread
  • Patience;)
For the rest of the instructions pop over to Kinsu NOW! as they explain it so beautifully.

Here is the finished piece and I love the embroidered caption in french #ÇAVABIENALLER meaning ‘it’s going to be fine‘.

kinsu rainbow denim jacket
kinsu rainbow

I have been following Kinsu for some time now as I love up-cycled denim but they take it to another level.

Check out the tutorial on how to REFASHION YOUR JEANS INTO HIGH WAISTED JEANS.

If you fancy making something yourself Kinsu offers DIY downloadable patterns on their Etsy Shop and pre-made up-cycled denim pieces, make sure you have a look.

If you’d like to see more Up-cycled Denim put a comment below. I hope you enjoyed this and if you create your own rainbow patch do share it with me.

Sam xxx

sam remer ilovejeans.com
Looking back to better times in Amsterdam!

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