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Jenna Lyons denim

Updated: 09/15/23

Jenna Lyons denim repertoire is a brilliant case study of just how to integrate denim into other parts of your wardrobe such as evening wear.

With 27 years behind her at the helm at J Crew, Jenna really was a walking muse for the brand. She made it ‘a thing’ to wear sequins and bling every day with denim.

So we’re going to break down exactly how she styles the following pieces to see how easy these looks are to achieve within our own closet.

Take a denim shirt:

A simple denim shirt from your closet can be the anchor piece to bring an outfit together. See how below Jenna mixes a denim shirt with a metallic gold evening skirt to give it a wearable day-to-evening look. She really mixes it up again with a cream evening jacket, denim shirt, and Bermuda shorts! Crossing over pieces may sound strange but see how interesting they look! The half-tucked denim shirt is Jenna’s signature of cool style.

Pimp up a denim shirt by layering long chains into the cleavage and wearing it low.

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Take a denim jacket:

Something I’ve noticed is how Jenna wears her denim jacket like a shirt and visa versa ( denim shirt like a jacket). The top button of the jacket is always done up unless the denim jacket’s draped over the shoulders. A necklace or a thin tie scarf is worn around the collar. My favorite is a tight-fitting denim jacket teamed with that gorgeous hot pink long pencil skirt. Such an unexpected pairing but it really works!

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Take a pair of white jeans:

We all love a pair of white jeans as they’re truly a blank canvas. A favorite of Jenna’s is the long white shirt that she drapes over her white jeans, ( a perfect outfit when you feel you need to cover up!” The cream tuxedo makes another appearance teamed with an all-white ensemble. Stripes are a favorite of mine especially with white jeans and Jenna’s not a stranger to stripes either! As you study the images below you’ll notice the white jeans are all the same, a straight leg with a raw hem and slightly ripped at the knee.

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Take a pair of blue jeans :

Jenna wears her jeans straight with slight rips at the knee, never clean, and mostly vintage denim. Leopard print and faux fur are a familiar pairing in her closet.

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I’m sure you’ll agree even though it’s been a while since Jenna Lyons left J Crew, her legacy and well-thought-out denim combinations live on!

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    • Thanks, Jenni. I’ve always admired Jenna Lyons as she crosses over boundaries with her personal style. I’m looking forward to seeing her new launch, I think it’s a beauty brand, rumour has it! x Sam.

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