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What are Jeaks™ ?

Jeans + Tracksuit = Jeaks™.

Jeaks™ a hybrid jean with hidden powers.

Right here right now, I think the things we purchase should have an ulterior motive or an agenda to do good in some way.

So when I was introduced to Jeaks™ I took them at face value, a new denim brand with a unique panel running down the inside leg area. It was only when I spoke to the owners of the brand Graysey, husband and wife team Doug and Natasha Grays in-depth about the design and production of the Jeaks™ that I truly understood the hidden powers of this jean.

We are a 1970’S INSPIRED, NON-SEASONAL GLOBAL brand, so we are open to seeing our Jeaks™ and blouses worn with both summer and winter clothes and accessories.

Doug and Natasha Grays

I really like the idea of a ‘non-seasonal denim collection’ It’s a new way of thinking which we all need to adapt to be sustainable and to wear these jeans throughout the year and for years to come.

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Meet Graysey’s Jeaks™ Collection

The Jeaks™ collection comprises of high rise flares, high rise skinny jeans (£159 / $206) and blouses. All offer the comfort of the soft inner thigh panels that removes the hard seams. There are 3 types of panels, a leopard print and tie-dye for a touch of drama and a dark navy which gives a two-tone effect with the denim. There’s something for all personalities.

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  • Jeaks™ jeans
  • Jeaks™ jeans
  • Jeaks™ jeans
  • Jeaks™ jeans
  • Jeaks™ jeans
  • Jeaks™ jeans
  • tie-dye blouse
  • white blouse

The High Rise Jeaks™ – The breakdown.

Definitely a figure-fixing jean that slims the tummy, lifts the bottom and banishes the gap at the back of the waistband.

Jeaks™ jeans
Jeaks™ jeans
Jeaks™ a hybrid jean

Which Size?

Getting the right size can be a conundrum when buying jeans and even a denim expert can get the sizing wrong! So I tell my clients ( if possible) to treat buying online similar to going into a changing room and try two sizes, then you can really see which is the best fit for you.

Check out Jeaks sizing guide and follow the instructions. Don’t get these jeans shortened until you are sure you have the correct size!

Sizing starts at 25 – 30 UK: 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 US: 0-2, 2-4, 4-6, 8.

Front rise:  25/26 (10″) /27/28 (10.5″) 29/30 (11″) 

Jeaks™ jeans

Inseam: 34″ Graysey have made the inseam 34″ long for inclusivity. If you need to get them shortened they’re offering a £10.00 credit to do so. Just send them your order number and a valid photo of your alterations receipt naming the item altered as Jeaks™.

Also take the fabric content into consideration when looking at sizing as this gives you a good idea of how stretchy the jean will be, which may mean you could go down a size.

Here’s the fabric content of the Graysey Flared Jeaks Flared Jeans: – 11 Oz. Comfort Stretch Denim: 98% Cotton, 2% Lyocell. Stretch Panel: 84% Polyester 16% Elastane. Add up the stretch percentage to give you an idea of give in the jean.

= 2 +16 = 18 % stretch a really comfortable stretch.

More Than Meets The Eye

Graysey manufacture their clothing in Portugal, ensuring a fair wage and safe conditions to work in. The factory used to make the collection is a women owned factory that only employs women. Their ethos is ‘Women for Women’.

When I spoke to Natasha Grays I was really taken with the thought of these jeans made in a factory owned by a women and made by women. For me it gave these jeans the backbone of a great denim brand for women!

The brand is all about helping women feel good in their own skin. We aim to help them feel confident and comfortable to go out in the world and ‘Do their thang’​ ,​ living their lives to their full potential. It’s also about supporting and inspiring those around us, our children, friends and colleagues to do the same, with love, without judgement.

They care deeply about the environment and are doing their best to minimise their carbon footprint, they use G.O.T.S. washes and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Graysey supports the charity ‘Women for Women International’, an inspiring organisation helping improve the lives of women living in countries devastated by war.

I do love jeans that have a multi purpose and these fit the bill. I’m loving the high rise two tone flares as you can see below:

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Any questions or comments please leave below.

sam wearing Jeaks jeans
Me in my Jeaks™

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