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If you’re a blogger you’ll agree that “Blogger Envy” is a real-time thing. I often get pangs of jealousy when I see a simple blogging format that works or easy relaxed instagram pics that look so cool. Whatever your envy is directed at use it as a driving force to make your blog a better place for your readers to visit.

Having said that I want to introduce you to two bloggers I work with at Liberty, who are starting to make a name for themselves in their own fields both at work and on their blogs.


Meet Kelly Çakar a Senior Beauty Consultant for Liberty’s Must-Haves, aka Secondblonde.com.

What I love about Kelly’s beauty blog is her attention to detail and her true love of beauty. She carefully reviews products and you really get to know how that product works. You’d be mistaken to think she only reviews expensive items and delighted to find a mix of must-have’s for the price savvy reader. As a fellow blogger I admire Kelly’s blogging ease and her eye for creating an image.


Next up is Gabriella Lundgren, a Brand Consultant for Acne at Liberty. gabriellalundgren.com

Blogging about the things she loves, fashion, deco and beauty.  Gabriella is Swedish which gives her a head start (in my mind) of offering a clean covetable style. Apparently she has tendency to be drawn to shades of white, pink, grey with a touch of green which really collate her images together. Her blog is testament to her personal style. She just has a way of  even making a plant look architectural and clean.

Is there a blog you’re loving, can’t wait to read the next post? Then tell me about it and lets give them a shout out below.


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