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Hello! Welcome to ilovejeans.com A jeans loving blog, I’m so excited to be on the “Are You On The List” blog tour!

I wish there was a book like Are You On The List when I was starting out as a fashion stylist, back then it was a relatively new position unless you were an industry insider you’d didn’t know such a job existed so there were no hard and fast rules.

While you’re here I’m going to give you my all-time top tip that will hopefully guide you to your fashion goal, whatever that maybe. I have worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years, starting my own market stall selling women’s clothes, being a sales assistant, assistant buyer, fashion editor, stylist booker, fashion stylist, denim expert and currently a fashion blogger. ( a lot right!)

My All- Time Tip:

It’s a simple one but will take you far. Always smile and be friendly to whoever comes your way, be it the CEO or cleaner, treat them with the same kindness, as you never know when you’ll see them again or who they will speak too.

For instance, I was just starting out and wanted desperately to work for a glossy fashion magazine and managed to get a work placement at Marie Claire (before magazines had an online presence). I spent most of my time fetching the fashion editors dry cleaning and lunch instead of gaining any true fashion experience.  Years later our paths crossed again when I was styling a commercial for the launch of Red Magazine, the fashion editor was now the fashion director on this new launch and was very surprised to see me!  I reminded her of our last meeting, this time round she saw me as her equal and in the end became very helpful, giving me a letter to show PR companies I was working for the new launch, enabling me to call in designer pieces I may not of been able to get otherwise.  It did help me but also covered her back too!

While on placement at Marie Claire I met a lovely girl also working to get a foot on the fashion ladder. Sally’s background was in designing and she loved fashion. After Marie Claire she went on to a work placement at Miss Selfridge in the press office. The press officer trained Sally up as her assistant and when she left Sally took over her job. When I started building my portfolio and testing (working with photographers, models, hair & make-up to get pictures) Sally would lend me clothes on the weekend to shoot as long as I returned them on the Monday. When you’re starting out having friends in influential places really helps.

From Marie Claire I went to New Woman and finally got some true fashion action and this was where I started my styling career. Learning on the job which PR’ s represent which designers and retailers is key to being a fashion assistant and calling in clothes for fashion stories. I assisted one of the fashion editors on her freelance work and became her full-time assistant, picking up clothes for shoots, returning clothes, assisting on the shoot and packing for her trips. I really didn’t mind as I know I was learning and having valuable experiences to use on my own styling jobs. Many of the PR assistants I dealt with back then are now fashion editors, two in particular work for Grazia and Vogue. The fashion industry moves at a fast pace and people move around a lot, so remember what ever you’re doing now think of the bigger picture and smile, it will make you stronger and get you to your goal.

When I launched ilovejeans.com back in 2006 it was the first denim portal of it’s kind and all eyes were on us. We got some great PR and were featured in many magazine including Grazia and Vogue ! There’s no shame in using your contacts but remember it works both ways and if you can help someone else why wouldn’t you…….

Are You On The List? is a perfect Xmas gift for a daugther, niece or babysitter from 16 years old upwards, who aspire to going to lots of parties, become bloggers, or a wannabe fashionista. It also gives sensible advice and opinions about topics like food disorders and self-confidence.  A guide to follow your dreams by Kitty Brucknell – Singer/songwriter X Factor contestant, Lewis-Dincan Weedon – Celebrity stylist, make-up artist, model and presenter. Olivia Cox -TV presenter, blogger and model.


Are You On The List?  A guide on how to become a modern socialite.


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2 Comments on How to become a modern Socialite – Are You On The List? Blog Tour

  1. Hi Sam,

    I like your advice and strongly agree with it! I wrote similar tips in always staying humble and treat others like you would be treated! The fashion world is a big moving circle of people switching positions and you don’t want to be on someones bad side..:-P

    I like your blog’s name – I am a lover of jeans too..;-) xxx

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