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I couldn’t resist just giving you this guide below (taken from J Crew’s blog) as they are such lovely illustrations. It’s the third time now bandanas have popped up on ILJ, this time it’s J Crew! I love that you have the $10 option to have the bandana of your choice monogrammed.


A perfect gift for moi!

Howto: The Bandana, 4 Ways

Bandanas are definitely having a moment right now. And—as any cowboy, old-timey bank robber or Border collie will tell you—there’s no shortage of ways to wear them. Here are a few ideas for how to style yours, with illustrations by our women’s designer (and epic Instagrammer) Julie.

Just like Cinderella’s helpful mice—only bigger and more familiar with the NYC subway system. OK, fine, they’re rats.

The bed head cover-up 

Best accompanied by a very strong cup of coffee.

#1.Fold the bandana in half diagonally.

#2.Place the folded edge at your hairline.

#3.Tie the two folded corners behind your head.

The wilderness knot

Pairs well with s’mores.

 #1.Roll the bandana up diagonally.

#2.Tie it around your neck and double-knot it in the front.

The Bandit

But please don’t rob a bank. We’ll get in trouble.

#1.Fold the bandana in half diagonally.

#2.Tie the two folded corners behind your neck.

The carry-on

For some added, ahem, purse-onality.
 #1.Tie the bandana around the base of your

#2.Uh, that’s it. Good work.


Shop bandanas here.
P.S. They’re monogrammable!



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