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Collage of jeans styles suitable for apple body shape.

This post is inspired by a client I took shopping. An Apple Shape woman in her mid 40’s, a Mother of 2, hitting menopause. Sounds like you? Read on…

With bodyweight fluctuating after having children, our body shape starts to change. When women reach menopause and the estrogen produced by ovaries declines, fat migrates from our buttocks, hips, and thighs to our waists. Later fat is stored around the tummy, boobs, and arms giving us a rounded shape on top. However, this doesn’t have to be the norm as regular exercise and watching what we eat can slow down the process.

My best jeans virtual shopping sessions

Jeans shopping for Apple Shape Bodies can be tricky, often you will find jeans are tight on the tummy but loose on the leg and the bottom just hangs! Not a good look, so with this in mind follow the rules below…

5  Rules For An Apple Shape Woman To Follow:

1: Find your unique rise

Just because you have a fuller tummy area doesn’t always mean you need high-rise jeans. Apple shapes tend to be short-waisted so it’s important to know your rise before you start.

This will give your unique rise measurement. Read revolutionize the way you buy jeans by knowing your unique rise measurement for more help.

With your jeans on take a tape measure and measure from the crotch seam up to two fingers below your belly button. This will give you the measurement of the rise that will be comfortable for you. Or if you don’t have a tape measure use a ribbon or a piece of string. Take this shopping with you and use it as a guide when picking out jeans to try on.

TIP: If you’re finding your jeans are falling down or you have too much fabric around your tummy then the rise is too high for you.

A skinny model wearing a sexy jeans showing her abs.

2: Flaunt your Apple Shape assets

Models posing a different colors of jeans with different shape and style.

Apple’s tend to have slim legs so go for straight-leg, skinny, or crop styles. The Girlfriend style could be an option as it’s a slimmer version of the boyfriend jean. Avoid jeans that hide your leg shape, as they can make you look frumpy and shapeless such as a Mom Jean. Read want to know what a boyfriend, girlfriend or mom jean is?

Jeans with an interesting hem detail are great for apples, such as split hems, embroidered detail, or frayed hems as it takes the eye down the leg showing off your best assets!

3: Pump up your derrière

A model wearing a jeans, a color blue and black jeans.

Unfortunately, Apple ladies tend to have flatter bottoms than our curvy sisters. So the key here is to look for jeans that will give your bottom depth.

Flap pockets are good for this as they give the illusion your bottom has shape. Salsa Jeans invented the Secret Push-In jean which pulls in the tummy as well as pushes the bottom up giving the flattest of bottoms a perk. If you’re looking to create more curves then the Mystery Curve skinny has two removable pads in the interior back pocket, adding volume and redefining your bum!

4: Stretch & recovery


Jeans with stretch should be like a rubber band stretching for comfort when you move and snap back to hold the shape.

Always choose jeans with at least 1-2% Lycra mix in the fabric content ( you can check the label inside the jean). This is important for comfort and for keeping the shape. Lycra & Elastane do the same job. Polyester is the fiber that gives the jean their snapback. I have found jeans with a Cotton, Polyester & Lycra mix keep the best shape.

5: No VPL here!

Two models wearing a jeans and shapewear.

Make sure the underwear you have on under your jeans is the same height as the jean waistband or you will have unnecessary lines and bulges where your pants end. Shapewear is a brilliant way to tame your tummy and look slimmer in your jeans. Read your guide to choosing shapewear under jeans.

Cheat Notes For Apple Ladies:

A different shape pf body wearing a different size of jeans.

Figure fixing jeans you’ll love

I love jeans that offer some help fixing our figures and I’m always researching styles that work for apple shapes.

Keep an eye out for denim brands that have built-in tummy tuck such as NYDJ. More recently Wit & Wisdom & Democracy has created an ‘Ab-solution’ design that flatters with power-mesh panels to mold and hold, including a waistband with elastic interior control (hidden elastic waist) and booty-lift construction.

A blue jeans.

Cenia ConVi Jean is a convertible style that has zips on the waistband that can be worn closed for a cinched waist or open for more room for Apples. Just undo the zips to widen the waistband.

A banner showing apple shaped body. Wearing jeans.

Shop these handpicked jeans for an Apple Shape below

Apple Body Type Jeans available in the US

Apple Body Type Jeans available in the UK

👉🏻 For more jeans for your Apple body shape click here

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31 Comments on How to Find the Best Jeans for Apple Shape: Top 5 Rules for a Flawless Fit

  1. Ugh. Just ordered a pair of Lee jeans online. I think my mistake besides online shopping, was ordering from the curvy section. Now my jeans fit my large apple belly, but there’s about 1.5 inches of excess fabric at the hips! Not sure if I should try to get them altered or just toss them in a bag for the second hand shop! So frustrating! Maybe I should shop maternity jeans!

    • Hey Alexandra, don’t give up! Can you return them ? Apples need jeans to show off our best assets our legs not hide them in fabric. Look for Pull On jeans, Google them & see what comes up. This style of jean will fit nicely on the hips & thigh but will also expand at the waist which is an apple’s bugbear. They come in all styles, skinny, boot, crop & flare. Let me know how you get on x Sam

  2. Hi!

    All the options are very interesting. Any suggestions for affordable jeans in NYC, with the characteristics you described?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Vilma, most of the jeans that are shown are available in NYC ( or will be shipped to you). Wit & Wisdom are available in Nordstrom stores all over the US, especially in NYC. Cenia ConVi Jeans are stocked at Trois Jours Phone: (516) 759-5756 318 Seacliff Avenue, Seacliff NY 11579 USA. Democracy Jeans are available online and at Dillard’s. Hope that helps ! Sam x

  3. I think you’re spot on with the observations. My butt is flat, and I’m short waisted. Baggy legs make me look bigger. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. I totally disagree about apple shapes wearing skinny jeans. For me it just accentuates the fact that my top half is much larger than my bottom half. I prefer to wear wider leg jeans,
    or straight leg jeans that don’t have a slim fit or are not boot cut. Trousers jeans are also a good choice.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for giving your opinion, it’s very welcome as we are all different. What one person would wear another may not. I’m here as a denim stylist to give my recommendations and it just so happens I am an apple body shape who wears all styles of jeans. Like all body shapes, Apple comes in various sizes so you have to find the best silhouette that suits you. I’m pleased you commented and opened this up for a conversation. Sam x

  5. Thanks for the blog & suggestions , I’ll keep them in mind whenever a buy my next pair of jeans.

  6. None of these models is an apple shape. All of your suggestions will not help the fact that to get something around my waist the legs are so baggy they feel like clown pants.

    • Hi Frances, All the women who read this blog are all different body shapes and sizes. Some will find the information above helpful and like yourself some will feel like it’s missed the mark. However,
      I can offer you a free recommendation on your own personal body shape by getting in touch with me on my Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/ilovejeansAsktheStylist/
      But you are right APPLE shape women are being missed by retailers, we are not being represented like our CURVY sisters. Maybe it’s time we took a stand. If you agree comment below and lets get a petition going.
      Sam x

  7. I am very apple shape with no waist line at all, no hip curve, flat bum and thin legs, the problem I have with Any women’s jeans is they have to hooked up all the time as I have no bum or hips to hold them up, either that or they look like clown pants , leggings also fall down I have issues about my manly shape as it is without resorting to wearing mens jeans or even worse Suspenders.

    • Hi Alison, ok so what you need is a style that will create a defined waist and lift the bottom at the same time. I think I’m right to say you’re emailing me from London, which is great as you need to pop down to House of Fraser and try on Portuguese denim brand SALSA JEANS as they have a selection of jeans called “push in” which has a tummy tuck element and “push up” which lifts the bottom by cupping a flat bottom. They have a good selection, failing that then go to SALSA directly. These jeans will give you the appearance of a waist and curves I promise! let me know how you get on . Sam x

    • I have the same problems Alison. I have no waistline. My hip bones touch my ribs and ive always been able to pull my jeans down with the belt still done up AND Im bursting out of 16DD bras. I was always approx 52kg throughout my adult life then i turned 50 y.o and I’m 70 kg and climbing. It took under 2 yrs. Now i dont
      recognize myself in the mirror. And all my beautiful clothes at least 1000 items have been and are being donated. I’m not coping. I have 3 t-shirts, 2 pairs of stretch cut offs and my 3 pairs of p.j shorts that are so old and daggy. I never leave the house unless i absolutely have to. Wow…i think i need help. Sorry for the ranting.

  8. Maybe you could link to your Tried and tested Apple shaped pictures? Save us scrolling through pages of stick thin none apple shaped people…

    • Hi Mina, you’re right and I will do as I’m the Apple shape model! Thing is denim brands tend not to use us normal people and only have slim models to sell their jeans, having said that, these jeans are also good for the apple body-shape . Sadly it’s just the way the retail industry works. It’s not always possible to re shoot these images on real people. Thank you for taking the time to comment xx

  9. I thank you need models that are apple shaped so we can see what things look like,

  10. Great Article and I love your jean pics. My questions is what is the name of the jeans for #3. I always wondered why my jeans never looked the way I thought they could now I know why.
    Thanks for you love of jeans.

  11. I agree with Corona. I’ll bet you’d have no problems getting some apple women to model some jeans for you. That’s what I would do…..I’m just sayin.

    • Thanks for your comment and I agree with you but the retailers shoot on slim models so for you to be able to click through to their website & buy I need to use their images. However on Tried & Tested http://ilovejeans.com/category/tried-tested/ you’ll see me an apple shape trying & reviewing jeans.Let me know if your up for modeling for Tried & Tested.

  12. It would be nice to see the jeans recommended for Apple shapes on Apple shaped woman. Doesn’t do me any good to look at stick thin models. Duh.

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