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The Denim Jacket is so much more than just a functional jacket these days. Want to give a strong message then put it on the back of your denim jacket to tell the world just how you feel!

The Artisan Painted Jacket

There are lots of creative people customising the good old denim jacket ( not just Levis) and selling them on ETSY – ( UK) (US). Or if your looking for something original then commission your own design to be painted on. Popular with newlyweds for their honeymoon.

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The Designer Jacket

We know designers have a strong love affair with denim and are happy for us to advertise their brand and charge us greatly for the endorsement! But these jackets keep their value and can be re-sold as a luxury item again making these jackets sustainable.

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DIY Upcycle An Old Denim Jacket

Fancy trying a bit of DIY Denim and upcycling your old jean jacket then check out these cool patches from Patch You Later to make your jacket your own.

Look and Learn

YouTube is a great source to find many upcycling projects such as this DIY Boho Chic Denim Jacket below or this one or even this one. Also lots of tutorials on how to paint a jean jacket. Lots of inspiration for you here!

By Small Town Girl

I love a statement jacket as it really appeals to my boho eclectic side, which one do you like best? Want more inspo then click on my Pinterest page below. Don’t forget to come back and comment on your favourite one in the comments below.

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Main photo: KOKO4KAjeans

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