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In an ideal world wouldn’t it be great to be able to look up how to conceal a problem area like we were choosing from a Chinese take-out menu? You see the problem and get the solution pronto!

So with that in mind here’s the first in the 911 Problem Solved Series: How to deal with a muffin top.

Here’s how it goes…


alt=muffin top

You can see from the images above a higher rise jean is needed to stop the dreaded muffin top overspilling and making an unsightly bulge through your top. Find out your unique rise measurement which will be your guide when you’re buying jeans online or in store. Ideally, the front rise should be 9 inches or higher with a curved waistband ensuring the back rise doesn’t flash any underwear when bending over! Denim fabric needs to have a 2% Lycra stretch but with a mix of technology that ensures the fabric snaps back and moves with you. No room for bagging here!

Let shapewear be part of your daily routine. There’s so much choice available between Yummie and Spanx that you can wear under your jeans, for that extra hold. I use to wear the Yummie tank under my clothes after I had my kids, which definitely gave me more confidence.

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Jeans with slimming technology /tummy control:


Since the arrival of the NYDJ Tummy Tuck Jean some 8 years ago, there have been lots of similar hybrids all promising to pull in the tummy area, lift the bottom and elongate the leg. Below is a mix of denim brands from Levis 300 Shaping Series to Mih Bodycon Jeans, all ready to work their magic on you!


alt=sam signatureAs a personal stylist/ denim expert, I’m an advocate for “shopping for your shape” and I firmly believe in dressing for the here and now, not to wait till you’ve lost those pounds. Life is too short, look your best  now!

Coming soon: More 911 problems solved.

Image: Muffin Top Baking Cups – a muffin top you will want!


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