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Here are my top 4 tips and tricks to look good in jeans for apple shape bodies, tried and tested by me a true apple shape.

I have been dressing my clients in figure-fixing jeans for their apple shape bodies with great success for over 15 years. The technology denim brands use now to fit different body shapes is so much better than when I first started my personal styling career.

Clients are loving the fit of their new jeans and can’t get over how comfortable the waist feels giving confidence never felt before.

If you’re tired of having to buy bigger size jeans to go around your tummy forfeiting a good fit on your legs and derrière it’s time to get my expert help. Book here.

Watch Sam Remer’s Top Tips For Apple Shape Bodies

Follow these 4 tips & tricks for apple shape bodies

1: Get A Compression Tank Vest

This is an easy fix to smooth out the tummy area and give a cleaner silhouette when wearing a top over / tucked into jeans. If you want a tighter hold around the tummy then a higher compression panel such as Yummie Shaping Tanks go from 1 ( light smoothing) to 5 ( extra firm). There are lots of different colors so you have the option to wear them as a vest in the summer. Spanx also offers Tanks & Camis with a support level 1 (smooths) and 2 ( shapes).

Before and after wearing a tummy control vest with jeans
Sam wearing a control vest with jeans.
You can see the difference it makes.

#2: Look For Tummy Tuck Technology

NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) was the first to patent the Lift Tuck® technology back in 2003. Created for women who wanted to look and feel a size smaller with the mix of lycra, vanity sizing, and a criss-cross slimming panel design to flatter the tummy area. NYJD is still to this day pushing the boundaries for the comfort as well the style of women of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll be pleased to know this figure-fixing technology doesn’t break the bank and can be found in Levis 300 series, Indigo Poppy, Wit & Wisdom, and Democracy Jeans to name a few.

#3: The Hidden Elastic Waistband

The hidden elastic waistband is such a great idea, especially for us Apple ladies who need that extra give in our mid-section. As a result, it’s perfectly hidden so only you know it is there!

Lane Bryant calls theirs The Flex Magic Waistband, NYDJWaist-Match, Democracy“Ab”solution® Fit Technology

If you are handy with a sewing machine and need to add a couple of inches to your favorite jeans around the waist for extra comfort, check out this video from Pattern Scout and Break n Remake.

#4: Look For A Curved Yoke

You may be asking what is a ‘curved yoke’. The yoke is like the main frame of a pair of jeans. Its details determine the all-important shape and fit of the bottom area.

Apples tend to have a flat bottom so we need extra help in this area. Ideally, we need a jean that will push up giving the illusion of a perkier butt!

Sculpting jeans are an Apple’s BFF when it comes to getting a better butt ( see above.) The sweetheart yoke gives the bum a lovely shape, and while the seams are lifting up the butt cheeks the pocket placement gives the illusion of depth to a flatter bottom. Boom, a better butt in one!

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