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I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve come over all Veruca Salt demanding “ I want it NOW!” after looking at the women’s collection at 3×1. To be honest, I haven’t looked at 3×1 since its launch in 2011, so it’s refreshing to re-visit a brand and just love what you see.

If you haven’t heard of the brand let me give you a quick introduction. 3×1 is the 3rd denim brand designer /entrepreneur Scott Morrison has launched. Paper Denim & Cloth in 1999, Earnest Sewn in 2004 and 3×1 in 2011. This time he has created both a brand and a denim experience that is part retail store and part gallery space, with a complete jean manufacturing facility at its center for all to view behind a glass wall at the 3×1 Soho Store.


But if like me you want it NOW then have a good long look at these must-have-will-have pieces that are just perfect for Summer.


This is what got me so excited! The WM3 Crop Fringe is a classic straight leg jean with button fly, put through a process to release a 4 inch fray hem that tickles the ankle. 100% cotton selvedge denim that will just wear beautifully with time, comes in three washes Bianca (white), Stella (vintage blue) and Tango (black). Bianca and Stella are on pre-order only, price starts at $285. Just perfect for the start of  the festival season with Coachella kicking off any day now.



I love the simplicity of these stretch denim off the shoulder crop tops. Denim from Isko (Turkey) but made in USA. 92.5% cotton, 5% PES, 2.5% lycra gives this top enough stretch to pull on. Playful denim tops to work that double denim look.

Comes in the two washes Alpha (indigo) and Newton (light blue). Price starts $145



The Long Sleeve Jumpsuit in Admiral is such an easy piece to wear. It has a fitted shirt shape top with a slim-fitting body and a slightly flared leg. Just add heels or sneakers to go. The dark denim comes from North Carolina so it’s 100% made in the USA. Price $395. Which is probably less than what you could pay for a separate pair of jeans and a denim shirt.

Next is this sexy bodycon look crafted from super stretch denim again from Isko (Turkey) made in USA.

The Cross Body Romper in Alpha is a clever design as it gives the appearance from the back of a two piece but a one piece at the front. The cross front detail cuts out the sides making the waist look tiny, back zip details adds interest. This piece is reminiscent of a 1950’s swimsuit. Price $245.



I’m a true believer in the saying “You get what you pay for” and when it comes to the 3×1 Bespoke Service never a truer word is spoken.

There are two levels of service available.

#1: Custom being exactly that, customizing or pimping a style from a selection of Ready to Wear fits. 3×1 determine your size and find a reference garment, then you choose what material you would like along with all the little details that go into making a jean (e.g. belt loop size, back pockets, the hardware color and thread color. Custom orders begin at $625. The timetable for a completed Custom is approximately around 3-4 weeks.

#2: Bespoke appointment is a serious commitment of cash and time, as you will be involved in the making of something unique. The head pattern maker will take your measurements, determine the fit that you are trying to achieve and create a one-of-a-kind pattern specifically for you. This may require multiple fittings to get it right, and this is why a Bespoke make could take about 4-6 weeks. The price tag for Bespoke is $1500 for the initial pair, and that includes the price for creating the pattern and the first pair of jeans. Once the pattern is locked in, the price reverts to the Custom initial price of $625 for any subsequent pairs created from that fit.

Sharon the 3×1 Bespoke Specialist told me “A lot of our top clients are athletes that cannot find jeans in their length/size along with top entertainment figures that are particular about the fit or fabric. There are definitely more men than women that order custom jeans just because women tend to have more options available to them.”

Watch the video below to see just how much work goes into making a one-of-a-kind jean.

3×1: How We Make Our Jeans

3×1 Making the best jeans in the world, one pair at a time.


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