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problem-solving denim brands

Problem-Solving denim brands are worth their weight in gold as they offer a solution to many women’s denim dilemmas on how to buy jeans that fit. As a denim stylist, some clients tell me they have given up on jeans because they couldn’t find the right size or style for their body shape. My answer is you haven’t been looking in the right places!

Below are three of the best problem-solving denim brands you need to check out.

#1: Measure and Made

Measure and Made maybe is a lesser-known brand but is backed up by Patented FITLOGIC® technology that has helped over 250,000 women in the last 4 years find their perfect fit.

What I really like about this brand is that it covers denim dilemma’s across all body shapes and doesn’t just focus on one. It fixes waist gaps, muffin tops, and size confusion! The price is good too!

The FITLOGIC FIT QUIZ helps customers identify their unique shape by answering 6 simple questions in relation to their traditional pant size and body shape, as well as where they tend to gain/lose weight. The patented algorithm combines the answers to determine your personalized FITLOGIC size consisting of two numbers, such as 8.2 representing a ‘size 8’ with a ‘shape 2’ body type.

Sounds impressive it is! My FITLOGIC size is an 8.1 and it was easy to answer the 6 questions as I felt the right questions were being asked.

In step 3 the quiz asks you to identify your shape and gives you real problems you may find when trying on jeans. Such as – Pants tightest on waist – yes! Straight waist and hips -Yes again! Flatter bottom – Hell Yes! Slim to average thighs. You’ve got me!

These questions lead you to your shape. I’m ‘Shape 1’ which is what ilovejeans would call an Apple body shape. Shape 2 – hourglass and Shape 3 curvy.

When the quiz finishes you will be given your perfect  FITLOGIC® size in all the pants & jeans in the Measure & Made collection!

They currently only ship to the United States and Canada. Standard shipping is free.

Check out below the selection of jeans. (There’s a bigger selection of pants, shorts and tops on the website.)


This skinny style comes in all Fitlogic Shapes 1, 2, and 3, sizes 0 -28 plus. Inseam 29″ or 33″ (select sizes).


This straight style comes in all Fitlogic Shapes 1, 2, and 3, sizes 0 -28 plus. Inseam 28″ or 32″ or 36″.


Only available in the one wash. Fitlogic Shapes 1, 2, and 3, sizes 0-16, Inseam 32″ or 35″ (select sizes).

Measure and made boot cut jeans

#2: Cenia Convi Jean

Cenia Convi Jean is one of my favorite problem-solving denim brands! It was created out of the designer’s will to find a solution to the gap at the back of many curvy women’s jeans. Real jeans for real women. Earlier this year the designer Cenia Paredes was invited on to HSN Shopping Chanel to feature the Convi jeans which introduced the brand to a bigger audience than ever before.

Take a peek at the HSN feature below:

Although the jean solves the curvy back gap issue with the two little zips at the back of the jeans which makes the waist smaller, it also solves the problem of the waist being too tight (a fuller figure or Apple body shapes may have this issue) when the zips are left open. And of course, you can open and close these zips halfway if needed.


Sizes start at US 0 to 24W (plus) on selected styles. All jeans have a high rise and an inseam 28″. Prices start at $99 – $105.

Get 25% off with our exclusive code ILOVEJEANS25 at checkout.

Shop the collection here!

FREE Shipping and FREE returns on all orders starting at USD $89 in the continental USA! Worldwide shipping price on checkout.

Iovejeans.com has featured the Cenia Convi jeans many times – read here.

#3: Wit & Wisdom

Wit & Wisdom is a denim & clothing brand exclusively stocked at Nordstom. I can’t help thinking if they weren’t exclusive to Nordstrom they would have denim world domination due to their problem-solving styles and great fit.

Ab-solution is the USP! The ‘Ab-solution’ design flatters with power-mesh panels to mold and hold, including a waistband with interior control and booty-lift construction. Who wouldn’t want this!

Sizes come in Regular & Petite ((P): 00=24, 0=25, 2=26, 4=27, 6=28, 8=29, 10=30, 12=31, 14=32, 16=33, 18=34). Plus 14W – 24W.


slide & click to shop below


slide & click to shop below

Nordstrom offers free delivery & returns to the USA. International shipping is handled by Border Free which gives you the total shipping & taxes at checkout, so no surprises.

So there you have it, three problem-solving denim brands to try for Fall as there is a jean out there for everybody whatever your size and shape!

Looking for more jean fitting advice then get in touch and book a Zoom Denim Consultation with me!

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