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updated: 10/4/22

I’ve decided to call this post, The Big Curve Edit. Did you know that your curves are truly being catered for when it comes to jeans? Denim brands have listened to the curvy girl’s plight of the gaping waistband and I have to say for me as a denim stylist dressing a curvy client is a walk in the park these days.

Brands such as Miraclebody and NYDJ  sell hundreds and thousands of jeans promising women they can look a size if not two sizes smaller when wearing their jeans. This really paved the way and was a wake-up call for denim brands to grab a piece of the action and create styles within the brand for women with curves

Even Khloe Kardashian has a piece of the curve action with her brand GOOD AMERICAN that caters for all sizes or curves (worth checking out if you’re looking for more of a fashion jean). Love how they show the same style but with 3 different size models, more retailers should do this!

CENIA CONVI JEANS One of the latest designers to create a jean for curvy women. Cenia’s collections always have curvy women in mind.

MEASURE & MADE Promise we will wave goodbye to waist gaps, camel toe, muffin tops, vanity sizing and fitting rooms! Find your ‘one fit wonder’ by clicking through a simple quiz to find your shape and size in their jeans and trousers. The beauty is once you know your size you can shop across the collection!

Retailers who sell curvy jeans:


Here below are 25 pairs of jeans made explicitly for the curvy figure.

I get a lot of comments from feisty curvy ladies regarding the models in the slider below not looking like they have curves, so how can they see the jeans are specifically suitable for curvy body shapes? As I said below, I agree but some retailers or brands that make jeans for curves prefer to use models without curves to promote their jeans. I promise you that when I can I will show models with curves! – Sam


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Sam Remer from I love Jeans.com


  1. Hi Yvonne, I hear your pain and I agree with your comment. Let me explain from my side. As a denim blogger I make money from commission when someone clicks and buys a pair of jeans I have recommended. So I am somewhat at the mercy of the denim brands / retailers to use their imagery. Often they do use a slimmer girl without curves as I suppose they feel it may sell the jeans better, who knows! However I only put in the slider jeans I know work for a curvy figure even though the model may not be curvy. As you said 5 of those pics had used curvy models and that’s because they are selling to people like yourself, curvy. The other jeans may work for you depending on your size. So please understand I understand your annoyance and many of the other readers above feel the same way. You may just prefer to see curvy women, which means you will have fewer jeans to choose from. However I know the Paige Hoxton skinny, looks great on curvy body shapes but the model is tall and without curves. your shout let me know what you think? if you need further advice fill out the questionnaire for 3 free recommendations just for you.

  2. The slideshow was quite disappointing because the post said it would show jeans for CURVY women and what it really shows is stick thin models who may or may not be wearing jeans that are supposed to be for curvy people. Out of 25 pictures, 5 showed models I would consider CURVY. It is so difficult to find jeans that fit, and would be far more helpful to see these jeans on realistic models so a curvy woman can tell if the jeans would actually flatter her! That’s hard to evaluate when only 20% of the representations are actually curvy.

  3. I too would love to have the email list if jeans you’re sending Mary. Chunky calves is such a deal breaker on so many cute jeans! I also think you might consider checking out Lerner’s New York jeans/pants/shorts for curvy figures.

    • Hey Ruth, sorry for the late (very late) reply but you were in my spam for some time. So check out GoodAmerican as they start from 00 to 24 and are specifically for curvy from petite to plus. Also have a look at the Fuller Figure/ Plus size page here
      Thanks for your comment xxx

  4. Would you be willing to forward that email with the links pertaining to the styles referenced in your most recent post (where you responded to your last commenter, Mary)? I, too, am similar in size & am experiencing some of the same jeans-struggles with my larger bottom, chunky thighs, & bigger calves.

    With much appreciation,

      • Hi Sam
        I was just trolling through the internet after yet another unsatisfying shop for jeans, when I came across this post. My problem is Big butt & thighs, skinny calves (from the knee down I am a completely different person!) I have a huge selection of belts because every pair of jeans/ trousers I possess is way to big round the waist. I live in Belgium where they just don’t seem to cater for the Caribbean/ African shape! Can you help?

        • Hi Kudirat, Thanks for getting in touch. You’re not alone lots of women have the same difficulty when shopping for jeans. So the latest brand for curvy women is Good American, see my latest blog post about them, don’t be put off by the Kardashian name as in fact they are changing the way retailers see women’s body shape as we are all so different, right! Other brands to look for are Parker Smith Denim and PZI Jeans. These 3 all cater for your body shape. They will be able to ship to Belgium, just check if there’s tax to pay on delivery! I hope that helps and let me know how you get on.
          Sam x

  5. Hi. I’m struggling to find jeans that fit. I have the problems you have mentioned in this post – buying bigger sized jeans resulting in having a loose fitting waist. I have had a look at some of your suggestions but find they cater only to larger sizes (size 18+). I am a size 10-12 but with quite a large bottom, thighs and chunky calves (I don’t have the standard lady legs, more like tree trunks! They have no shape, just go straight down) I love skinny jeans but just can’t find any that fit my body at all so I’m stuck wearing black stretchy trousers which I’m just getting fed up with! My wardrobe is so limited 🙁 Have you any suggestions for someone like me? Thanks, Mary

    • Hi Mary, so sounds like you need to look a different shapes of jeans, this is what I would suggest. The new shape of the season is the crop flare, it’s a good one if you don’t want to show your calves. The cigarette Jean is inbetween a skinny & straight leg so you still get a slim look but not so tight. The slim boyfriend also is another good one as they’re slim with slouch. The wide leg crop is another good style & last but not least is the slim flare. I will drop you an email with links to the above styles I have mentioned. Hope that helps!!

    • Hey, sorry you feel like that! Please note that Curvy comes in many sizes, petite, plus and somewhere in betweeen. The brands I mention above such as PZI Jeans, Miraclebody and NYDJ all have jeans for plus size curvy women. The images I use come directly from the website/ companies I work with, they may show a slim model but that style of jean may come in your size or bigger. ( you’ll need to click through and check)
      When I write my posts I do try to offer a selection of larger and petite models to reflect being curvy comes in all sizes!

    • Hi All, as a curvy girl I can honestly say that PZI jeans rock (I am more of an hourglass shape). I now own about 8 pairs (different colors and washes). They are reasonably priced. There’s stretch that moves with the body. If it is your first time trying these jeans, please note to order ONE size up. I repeat order one size up due to the strechy material. The high rise covers any gap! I’m a fan for life. If you’re in the Georgia area, lucky you! Their warehouse has deals often.

  6. It would be better if the photos showed curvy women wearing the jeans! I think there’s only one photo that fits the bill of a curvy woman!

    • I agree, sadly retailers tend to book slim body shapes for their shoots, unless they are selling plus size clothing. However all the jeans in the edit are good for curvy women. Thanks for your comment x

  7. I’m on the hunt for the perfect jeans for my pear shape but I can’t see your recommendations — the slider doesn’t work on either Firefox or Safari. Can you list the brands please? Thanks so much!

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